Mother’s Day Poem

The Longing Arms


Filled now and spilling

When arms hold

And hush the

Long anticipated one-

Sweet love requited.

Did I know

How empty they were-

My arms, heart-

Before you?

You laughed at the emptiness

And swallowed it whole.

…of the wind

she is, a soft kiss


come alive

the eyes and face of those with

thin, motherless arms.

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13 Responses to Mother’s Day Poem

  1. brian says:

    this subtly builds to a beautiful crescendo by the end…very nice…

  2. laughed at the emptiness and swallowed it whole – that is the most wonderful line! I’m reading this as written to a baby, and it seems to stand in awe of how huge the impact of this tiny infant is on the life of the mother who is herself motherless. And the excitement, the waiting for this baby to be born, this baby whose life begins to heal the old grief – the emptiness. Really nice writing – emotionally deep and layered

    • pathoftreasure says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful words. Yes, I meant this as written to a child, and how the child fills an emptiness. The last stanza is meant to reflect the grief of other children who are motherless. I was imagining orphaned children, and how the eyes and face of this beloved child, who has a mother, is reminding the mother of those in this world who do not have a mother to hold them. I’m not sure that meaning is really coming through clearly… what do you think? Anyway, thank you much for your comment. I appreciate your feedback!

  3. Reflections says:

    Love the subtle climb… a beautiful apex.

  4. happygirl says:

    This was the sweetest verse. and doesn’t a baby just make you feel this way. It wasn’t here and then it is and you didn’t know how much you missed it until you held it and now you feel complete. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Old Ollie says:

    this helps me to appreciate this upcoming day a bit more…thanks

    • pathoftreasure says:

      thank you for that! Happy Mothers day to yours in your life, with the little warrior a new gift.

  6. Ann Grenier says:

    This is a beautiful poem. I am impressed by your creation of three verses of Shadorma. I did not notice the form until I read your tags. I can’t say I caught your intent to refer to orphan children in the last stanza but I think there are many ways you might revise your last two lines to make that intent clearer, if that is important to you. Might be fun to see what other shading for these lines you could develop within the shadorma. You have inspired me to try creating several stanzas in this form which I find very appealing.

    • pathoftreasure says:

      Yes, I think you are right, I could play around with the last lines to make it clearer– good suggestion. I’m glad that you are inspired–that does make my day. I appreciate your kind comments and feedback, and I look forward to reading your shadorma!

  7. So beautiful, so real, raw and lovely.

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!

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