photography by Fee Easton


Watching waves crest and fall
we, surfing down from summer’s summit,
cast our time-worn nets,
catching fleeting dreams before they slip
and enfold into deep waters,
before they meld into sandy shore.

Sharing with for One Shoot Sunday.
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9 Responses to Casting

  1. knightsheart says:

    Beautiful, Anna. Very Romantic in imagery.

  2. Lovely short poem that says a lot about ‘seizing the day’ before our dreams fade away. Beautiful!

  3. ayala says:

    Casting and dreaming :)lovely!

  4. Arron Palmer says:

    Beautiful poem. I took from this the skill of preserving a love into old age like the couple in the picture have done is to grab with both hands the opportunities and dreams as they prevent themselves, and enjoy your final ride from “summer’s summit” into your Autumns and, finally, your Winter graves. The willingness to still, at that age, to cast their “time-worn nets” into the sea of dreams is testament to the strength of their love. Fantastic lesson in so few lines. Thank you.

  5. dustus says:

    Lovely poem. The alliteration and cadence sounds oceanic and the sentiments fit the image extremely well. thanks for taking part in the challenge today!

  6. Isabel Bush says:

    love the message- go for your dreams. great poem

  7. Reflections says:

    Love this! Exquisitely romantic.

  8. brian says:

    excellent alliteration and beat…life goes on…best to cast than just watch it pass…

  9. Ann Grenier says:

    Yes, we must hold onto dreams til the end – – – or life is over. Beautiful poem in a few truth telling words.

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