Rainy Days in May

Rainy Days in May

Rainy days in May
Umbrellas curve topsy while
Birds play in puddles.

Rainy days in May
Unleash pent-up Winter’s tears
Quenching Springtime’s thirst.

Rainy days in May
Kindle dreams, soak ground fertile,
Nourish the future.

Rainy days in May
Moments of future captured
In mirrored droplets.

Rainy days in May
Soak ground sweet with tears of hope…
Dreams renewed, reborn.

copyright by Anna, pathoftreasure, May 17, 2011

Linking with One Shot Wednesday at onestoppoetry.com

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6 Responses to Rainy Days in May

  1. brian says:

    tears of hope…nice..i love playing in the may rain too…lots of possibilities in each drop…

  2. Great poem Anna. It helped me look at Spring in a delightful way, rather than groan with all the aches the damp is giving me! Your gift has been used to exercise positive change, and I hope this encourages YOU.

  3. Pat Hatt says:

    Unless there is too much rain
    Then i just want to pop a vein
    But some can be fun
    As long as there is at some point a warm sun

  4. ayala says:

    Lovely and delightful poem 🙂

  5. perfectly delightful piece.

    check out short story slam today. hope to see your participation.

  6. I agree very delightful poem =) I love the image of the birds playing in puddles.

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