The Bootmaker

"The Bootmaker", photography by Rob Hanson

The Bootmaker

Each day he spends long hours
bent over the pieces of leather fragments
neatly cut from a large piece, whole
He unwraps threads from rightly coiled spools, and begins…
His heart hums with the machine
his hands guide the parts
as he crafts pieces back into a whole,
stitches summing up a life.

This is submitted for One Shoot Sunday. at
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6 Responses to The Bootmaker

  1. wolfsrosebud says:

    I liked his heart humming with his machine…

  2. brian says:

    smiles…love that last line…

  3. dustus says:

    “stitches summing up a life.” so often, as well as true. Great response to the prompt!

  4. ayala says:

    What a great last sentence!

  5. love the last line as well.

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!

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