Under the shade
of the mighty oak tree
On a soft haven of grass
With an old patchwork quilt
Underneath my head
I stare into the sky
And peek at patches of blue
In between lacy green branches
And feel the breeze
tickling between my toes…

Sensing the presence of someone
An invisible hand
Who moves branches up and down
as if nodding head in approval
Who through the rustling of the leaves
Whispers words of love to my heart
When I am still enough to listen…
To the swaying breeze
And the nodding trees.

This is being shared with OneStopPoetry for Form Monday– Free Verse.
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3 Responses to Whispers

  1. brian says:

    love the natural elements of this…outside in the grass is where i love to be and the breeze makes it all the better…

  2. moondustwriter says:

    reminds me of all the things you hear in the trees or the breeze as a child
    very soothing poem

  3. hollyheir says:

    Meditation, relaxation, frees the mind and inspires the imagination. Beautifully done. Gay

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