Wading Through

"f111" painting by Rosenquist

Getting this spaceship off the ground
Require a body and mind, most sound
Go to school, learn the trade
Of larger than life, in
bright colors that don’t easily fade
Umbrellas don’t stop the toxic cloud
Primary colors are bold and loud
Red sometimes does that, you know
But that’s what you want to say, no?
And please make sure that tire
Doesn’t run over my yummy cake
For the heights I wish to aspire–
I’ve got to first wade through all that spaghetti.

Submitting to Friday Poetically with Brian Miller at onestoppoetry.com
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5 Responses to Wading Through

  1. brian says:

    ha. this is a trip and goes wonderfully with the pop art feel…rock on!

  2. C Rose says:

    I love how you spun this image together. Wonderful write ~ Rose

  3. knightsheart says:

    Nice journey through the painting…. Great !

  4. I’m still grinning like a fool. Great funny write. Clever n witty and right on the mark. You are good.


  5. Claudia says:

    oh yes – please make sure those tires doesn’t run over the cake…would be a shame…fun write was ..i’m still smiling..

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