Hey mister, mister

Hey mister, mister

Hey mister, mister
can you spare me a dime
Got a mama in the hospital
and a dad done dyin’

Hey mister, mister,
the baby’s almost here
The kids are all sick,
it’s been a bad, bad year

Hey mister, mister
Can’t find work nowhere
My car’s got a flat tire
And I ain’t got a spare

Hey mister, mister
Can you spare me a dime
Gotta call my kinfolk
They been waitin’ some time.

Hey mister, mister
I ain’t no fool
Don’t walk away now
Make a brand new rule

Hey mister, mister
Don’t believe me, do you
There you go, not seeing me
Blending my face into the blue.


Sharing with one stop poetry for Form Monday- The Blues



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8 responses to “Hey mister, mister

  1. Reminds me a bit of Billie Holiday’s “God Bless The Child,”

  2. Hints of Buddy Can you Spare a Dime – the Depression anthem and the sounds of the original Hank Williams and Jimmy Rogers. True blues – talkin’ ’bout hard times. Yeah, you captured it.
    Thanks for writing and linking today!

  3. they often are not seen…i really like this…can so hear the mister, mister…you did well with this challenge…

  4. Great poem, I enjoyed it’s simplicity and complexity mixed together.

  5. Excellent, blue, excellent, great rhythem and story

  6. Catchy blues song. We do not see all the people who ask for help on the street. Great beat, words, and poem.

  7. Oh you have aced the blues here. Nicely done! That last stanza is killer.

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