Streams of Amber

Wheat Field with Rising Sun, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, for Magpie Tales 72

Streams of Amber

When love’s fingertips brush against the straw,
streams of purple, amber and golden tears flow,
trickling down to hungry souls
and dripping into an earth
permeable to tears of human feet
and ambered grace of grains turned
into red white and blue frosted
independence day cakes


Submitting the above for One Shot Wednesday at and for Magpie Tales 72
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17 Responses to Streams of Amber

  1. “…streams of purple.” You really captured the vibrant colors of Vam Gogh’s work.

  2. Yikes! Sorry about the typo. Or perhaps I was talking about his cousin, Vincent vAM Gogh?

  3. wolfsrosebud says:

    Interesting texture of words…

  4. brian says:

    tears to cakes…it is a nice transition…a fine bit of independence…

  5. Very lovely imagery, you did the painting, proud!

  6. Isabel Doyle says:

    compelling word painting

  7. kez says:

    lovely poetic translation of the picture …thank you

  8. “and dripping into an earth
    permeable to tears of human feet”…lovely…you have a wonderful gift, Anna…

  9. Window Lad says:

    …ah, lusciously baked thoughts… thanks for the read!(:


  10. leah says:

    I think I could see the cupcakes…That was a nice mixture of words.

  11. Lovely and colorful =)

  12. Claudia says:

    haha – love how you go with this all the way to the independence day cakes…smiles

  13. Way kool. Loved the tie in with the 4th. Enjoyed MUCH!!!!

  14. tess kincaid says:

    I like “ambered grace of grains”. Nice.

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