a pub light burns

a light burns on the edge
of the horizon
pulling me in
like a fishing line
to scatter letters on a screen
connected by wires and lines
across the seas and miles

I find my way and park down
the street, and walk in,
and find a seat
and the words taste good
and I like the wine
in the pub…
hand me a crab leg, please.


Today I’m joining a new poetry community, dVerse, and today I say Welcome, dVerse Poets Pub! Looking forward to the journey!

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14 Responses to a pub light burns

  1. Natasha says:

    Welcome Anna! I’m sure they’ve got a table waiting… 🙂 It’s the energy of our poetry that connects us, and it has no trouble with the miles between! Loved your write, and love the thought of our words taking over the world! 🙂 Power to the Poets and the communities we build! Cheers for an awesome write, and cheers for dVersePoets!

  2. Heaven says:

    cheers and nice to meet you ~

  3. Let’s all light those lanterns and be beacons of art.

  4. brian miller says:

    ha you get your crab leg…smiles…and drink up, we keep the verse cool just to refresh…

  5. Pat Hatt says:

    Ewww crab leg..haha….nicely played though, really described the whole pub atmosphere.

  6. Chris G. says:

    Good eats and drinks to be had down at the pub…and mighty fine company too. It’s looking to be a beautiful community we’re all entering into!

  7. randallweiss says:

    “and the words taste good.” I like this line. Cheers.

  8. Reflections says:

    a light burns on the edge
    of the horizon
    pulling me in
    … and the words taste good

    Mixed well, as are the drinks. Beautifully shared.

  9. Katherine says:

    Tasty word treats, great company, wonderful atmosphere and the greatest publicans any establishment could have…makes for a fabulous place to be. And if their serving crab, that makes it even better…Love crab!!

  10. Claudia says:

    ha – i’m here with your crab legs and a glass of german red wine..smiles
    great to see you in the pub…i already feel much at home there..

  11. the word bar says:

    It’s a great thing how so many can connect through the mutual admiration of “words”
    I’ll have some crab legs as well.. ohm and lemon butter too:-)
    Nice to meet you,

  12. Glynn says:

    We need to find when they schedule Happy Hour.

    AYou’ve provided a fine poetic welcome to dVerse – with a little fun, too.

  13. Beautiful imagery, and I love the title! Cheers!

  14. Beth Winter says:

    Fab! I love crab legs. Leave me some, okay?

    Great poem to kick-start this new journey.

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