Internet Tea

Internet Tea

I can’t tweet on the phone anymore, I’ve got a date with my mouse;
must let my fingers do the typing, (not walking, that was the middle ages),
while I sip tea and eat blackberry and apple pie

I can’t face this book,
I’ve got to digg in deep, since the google search yielded
621, 784 results, and each of them might be relevant
somehow. Your poem? Incredible, I reddit , liked and voted!

Have you ever seen someone throw a disqus that far? I bet
her stats are quite amazing, what a platform
to have such numbers on the high resolution screen.
Maybe I’ll stumbleupon the magic number
And google plus it to infinity…

In hibernation mode, a few people linkedin,
And while I slept in myspace,
I dreamt of a few blog ideas.
Maybe you’ll see it on the tube,
but I’m still afraid of a controversial intensedebate
Oh vimeo, wherefore art thou?
Dost thou have the answers
to all of my social media questions?

“I’ll retweet the quote, tag you in the note,
text you, e-mail you, check your inbox, don’t forget to vote.

It’s been so nice to chat, friend, let’s have tea again
real soon….


Having a drink (tea, or something stronger) tonight with the folks at d’Verse Poets for Open Link Night Week 6… come hang out with the friendly folks.
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18 Responses to Internet Tea

  1. Heaven says:

    I enjoyed this… such fun. I am not using my Linkedin… You forgot to include LiveJournal and for great source of pictures (I get them there).. its the Tumblr world.

    See you in D’Verse ~

    • Anna @ waysidewordgarden says:

      Now that you mention it, I also didn’t include flickr or pinterest…. there’s too many now to keep up with! Maybe I’ll need a part two….:)

  2. Pat Hatt says:

    hahaha this one is right up my alley, really fun piece. I’d like it if they shoved half those social network things.

  3. Fun and clever take on the world of social media. It’s so hard to keep up with it all!

  4. ayala says:

    Fun and a good take on how media affects us today 🙂

  5. I’m out of breath reading this, need a drink…

  6. brian says:

    ha. i wish a few people would through disqus…i hate it…really a fun play on all the tech we use in a given day…go back 5 years and this makes sense to no one…i find that intriguing…

    • Anna @ waysidewordgarden says:

      Excellent point! So in another five years, all of this, too, could be in the recycle
      bin, including this poem, haha!! 🙂

  7. Sheila Moore says:

    Ha. Very good at poking fun at all the social media chaos. Made me smile

  8. expatinCAT says:

    Absolutely *delicious*.. 😉 // Peter.

  9. Claudia says:

    this is so cool and tremendously creative..loved every single line…and if i read it to my mom, she had no clue what i was talking about…awesome anna

  10. It can all be exhausting sometimes, can’t it? This was a fun piece. Enjoyed it 🙂

  11. Divya says:

    Fun piece 🙂 Enjoyed it completely..

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