Truth vs. Lies (a sestina)

Truth vs. Lies

What words will you speak tonight?
Cunning, pithy, sugary lies?
In a new morning
enchanted with light, think not I will forget
your prevarications when the droplets of dew
drip on tears of midnight’s blue.

Will words always be black, shaded with blue,
and spoken by day-shadows, too? Night
ends finally, as I wait for the dew
to evaporate in a pillar of cloud. He lies
quietly, like a lion ready to attack. Yet when love speaks, I forget
the darkness and see the breath of morning.

I’ve danced in songs of mourning,
but also in streams turned yellow from blue…
Still, the enemy whispers, to tempt me forget
by eve’s turn, tonight—
to detract with false luster and reframed lies–
the sparkle that blooms in the dew.

To such as you, nothing is due,
sir- but you are no gentleman. Morning
makes it clear, your lies
disappeared when truth blew
on your thin skin, and so you will succumb, too. Night
will not swallow me; I will not forget!

The truth, no, I cannot forget
when love has spoken as gently as dew;
those silver drops that vanish into stars tonight,
and the blush of the morning
when she steps out of darkened blue–
yes, love speaks loud enough to shatter fragile lies.

But you would try further, to have me believe lies?
You think I’d flounder and forget
love’s hope and promises? The day your words blew
in eternal wind, didn’t that do
for you? I believe in the hope of morning
and will remember the sunrise tonight.

From blue to yellow, deep truth springs from shallow lies,
Love will sing tonight, and will not let me forget
the hope of morning that shines in spheres of glistening dew.


I wrote this sestina last month, in July… and share it today with d’Verse Form For All , where they’re  highlighting the sestina form.
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18 Responses to Truth vs. Lies (a sestina)

  1. poemblaze says:

    Well done! you carry the end words smoothly and have a good thought here!

    • Anna @ waysidewordgarden says:

      Thanks for the comment, and for the article on sestinas and hosting this round of “form for all”!

  2. Laurie Kolp says:

    I used blue, too. Did you know multi-meaning words and homophones as end words allow for more diversity?

    • Anna @ waysidewordgarden says:

      I used blue/blew, and due/dew, and tonight/ too. Night… for a little variety…. Next time, perhaps will use more….thanks for reading.

  3. Still, the enemy whispers, to tempt me forget
    by eve’s turn, tonight—
    to detract with false luster and reframed lies–

    An emotionally present piece that captured the form well.

  4. Window Lad says:

    ..your Sestina is a free falling dusts of revolving thoughts – very tiny yet it hits big! The way you end this Sestina is magnificent with a lot of realization and ponderings! Precious!(:

    Good day!


  5. brian says:

    your lies disappear when truth bles on your skin…nice…yes not gentleman…and i like the eve ref as it works a couple ways…did you post this once before or a variation on it in different form…

    • Anna @ waysidewordgarden says:

      Brian, I did post this exact same sestina on my other blog in July– maybe you saw it there… and a few weeks ago I posted a different sestina for d’Verse, called “Duet”. I’ve written 3 sestinas, and these are 2 of them! 🙂

  6. leah says:

    like the line “when love has spoken as gently as dew” well done prompt

  7. C Rose says:

    Love you use of color in this piece, its a biting write. Wonderfully penned sestina ~ Rose

  8. hollyheir says:

    Well written. You managed a lot of variety in your end words and constructed well within the form’s parameters. Truth and Lies. Many sestinas could be written about that topic! Though they might not all be as poetic as yours! Well done.

  9. Very beautiful form of the form. I liked it very much. Inspiring in a artful way. Believe in the hope of morning. A very powerful line, plea, image. Superb!

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!

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