just for me

just for me

in hall of forest ancient
among wind-torn ragged leaves
he whispers words, just for me

touch the rugged bark, brown, cold
hide under canopy of green
listen to his song, just for me

branches shelter, winds swirl
dancing cadence, sylvan song
driven by his heart beat, music just for me

I see not the cloak, the axe
I am swept in melody of green
when he reaches, just for me

in a swoop, I see it
when he bears its weight
the tree splits, the one just for me

in a second, I feel it
my heart cut in half
lying at my feet, a sight just for me

when he killed me
and my beautiful tree
only I could see, death just for me

the rest of you, blind
and eating cake, when he
took my life, life meant just for me

now I’m gone, and also the tree
and no one can hear the songs
that were meant just for me

but the true lover still stands
where the tree used to be
singing the songs he once sang for me

and he cries for me,
somebody cries,
just for me


Sharing with the community at dVerse, for Open Link Night #7

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11 Responses to just for me

  1. Deep, image filled and sad because of its truth.

  2. brian says:

    dang..intense…i dont want to eat cake…please dont let me become a cake eater…really this is a sad but lovely verse…sing on…

  3. Amazing piece, almost prophetic. Beautifully written, with the repetative phrase ‘just for me’ throughout. I would give this poem a 10 out of 10.

  4. Sometime the truth can be so sad. Very well written and I enjoyed so much

  5. Pat Hatt says:

    Very sad and profound, but amazement can still be found. Very nice!

  6. Heaven says:

    A sad and haunting voice… I like the refraining lines “just for me”.. it worked out very well.


  7. Claudia says:

    oh anna..this was so beautiful in all its sadness…the dying…the ignorance…eating cake while life dies….made me swallow hard..but so good if there is someone who sings on..

  8. I am guilty of eating cake sometimes, my eyes on other things.

    Yes, the truth can be so sad. But illuminating, and allowing better things to come along.

  9. glad to read you and love your blog.
    welcome sharing your poetry with us today,
    first time participants can do free linking up to 3 poems, you can write for our challenge if you want to, no obligations, we are open until Thursday night, 8pm…
    hope to see you in.
    keep up the excellence.

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