Singing Bird

“If I keep a green bough in my heart, the Singing Bird will come” – Chinese Proverb

clouds unzip
winged colors fly
toward earth

grasses bend
beneath descending
winged shadows

hearts unzip
opening doors
to flying versions

of hope seeking
empty nests, places
to rest weary wings

searching for hooks
to hold onto, a hand or
branch cradled

in the nook of a tree
yet crowded nests
fill valley dwellers

groping, reaching, drooping
where no bird lands
to sing

but through doors wide open
in soul’s looking glass
a forest green blooms

where deserts once sucked
life dry with gritty sand
between the teeth

a mossy green bough
a life giving tree
bears fruit in season

honey pours, softens
the crunch of dead
twigs in the hand

offering reflections
of multi-colored hope
messages tucked under wings

I’ll keep waiting
the bough stays green until
Singing Bird comes home


Sharing with d’Verse Poets for Open Link Night 8
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23 Responses to Singing Bird

  1. Heaven says:

    Very lovely images of hope flying and mossy green bough….enjoyed it much~

  2. This verse poured hope into my heart today not only by the truth of its content, but through the form of that truth, God’s earth and her creatures, which are surely a reflection of heaven.

  3. brian says:

    unzipped hearts allowing hope to take wing and find a home…what a great image…and the resurrection you paint of the forest after the desert is nice…cool write…

  4. claudia says:

    think i’m going to place a green bough in my heart right now….great images…the pouring honey, softens the crunch of dead…i can feel this

  5. Reflections says:

    Love the imagery and the unzipped hearts, awaiting the green bough. Beautiful write.

  6. Wow, beautiful. I love the seamless flow of this poem, and the wonderful imagery. I particularly love the second stanza, but I captivated from the opening lines to the conclusion.

  7. Steve King says:

    Nothing wasted, every stanza a new and arresting image. Kudos to you for finding just the right structure for these thoughts and sticking to it. I enjoyed reading it.

  8. ayala says:

    Lovely images….beautiful !

  9. Sheila Moore says:

    The green images are peaceful and calming to me. good color choice to focus on.

  10. rob kistner says:

    Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here:

  11. Jo Bryant says:

    lovely – you know – each stanza could be a poem in its own right 🙂

  12. Ann Grenier says:

    Your poem of hope is much needed and lovely, Anna. It is a breath of fresh air in a stifling world scene.

  13. kaykuala says:

    Anna, yearnings and hoping will keep the soul alive. Beautiful poem! Positive in nature and in human expectations. Thanks for visiting!


  14. leslie says:

    “of hope seeking
    empty nests, places
    to rest weary wings”

    i love the thought of hope seeking an empty nest – and i love the way you paired the word “unzip” with hearts and clouds…

  15. Ahhhhh, so beautiful, Kavita. I hope all the unzipped hearts land just where they hope to!


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