spilled coffee

spilled coffee on the floor
and the rules say no more drinks allowed

And now he wants to take the overnight
or the day express
Whatever works best
to the middle of the closest hell and
i can’t stop this fast-moving ride
jostling and tumbling round the corner
of the latest cockamamie plan

i keep a pile of stubs on the dresser, impaled
through a metal stick

in the air-conditioned section i dream
of better journeys, across wide green plains
and hills and open spaces, forests, mountains,
and the oceans, where railroads don’t end,
the shore only the mark of a new beginning
where a mind can dream of escaping
a round-trip nightmare
by skipping across a bridge of waves
to the continent of freedom


Inspired by the d’Verse Poetics prompt “Trains” and contributing to Open Link Night Week 10


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13 responses to “spilled coffee

  1. This hits home. I like “skipping across a bridge of waves to a continent of freedom.”

  2. “in the air-conditioned section i dream
    of better journeys,”

    I hope those better journeys are found far away from the round-trip nightmares 🙂

  3. oy the angst is thick in this one…when does one get off the train rather than follow it to someone elses dreams…i too hope that fairer skies find you soon enough…

  4. oh i like this one…your opening lines drew me right into the scene…then the ride..the speed…the wanting to escape..beautifully captured and not always easy to get off that kind of trains…

  5. I feel the despair and imprisonment.. if only we can go where we can be free. These lines are lovely:

    where a mind can dream of escaping
    a round-trip nightmare
    by skipping across a bridge of waves
    to the continent of freedom

  6. Very nice vocabulary and imagery. You take this frustration and distill it into powerful words without lapsing into sentimentality. A fine poem.

  7. I hope you find your freedom and can escape to a better days. The world should be one big train ride looking for the freedom and journey of other lands and finding each day a better day than the one before hand.

  8. Takes a plane or two if you’re headed to the US. Our trains don’t get you directly from point to point as they do in Europe. The last time I took a train from Dallas to Houston, I could almost have walked as fast. The conductor said, “the train is the journey; surely you don’t have to be some place when you arrive”. The sad news was I did. I got there 30 minutes before I had to be doing something. I didn’t get any sleep. I flew home! It took an hour and was cheaper.

  9. I love the fast paced movement and the jostling within. A great poem, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  10. I love how your imagination takes that train off the edge of the continent, into that blue beauty and beyond…… I love imagination and I love your poem…. I think you just inspired my next poem… Very lovely and sad that you have a metal stick jabbed full of those stubs….. No wonder you need that escape!

  11. thanks for popping in today…just got back from the beach and swinging through to say hi!

  12. you have amazing imaginations, wow.

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