what is poetry

What is Poetry

Intangible made visible
drawn in by stories
of purple hyacinths
and graveyards and running shoes
and white shirts with coffee stains

What makes up a life
in any dot in the world
walking under the same thirsty sun
beating under a dripping brow
souls sweating an existence,
flowers amidst chaff?

Dip in cool waters
walk on spinning land
touch spaces of sky
in between

Search among waves of words
floating on a hidden sea
catch language of the soul

Bud and petal furl to die;
crisp fallen dead-heads
of summer emeralds sparkling
in the fire
or left on the ground
remembered in a song of smoke

and days of a life, a woman
of clay walking on earth,
and of the becoming,
and what of you,
and the world.

poetry is
the kisses of mankind on paper


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16 Responses to what is poetry

  1. This is really beautiful. Each line leads up to a perfect ending, and I found myself really experiencing emotion throughout though my emotions seem to be too near the surface these days. Anyway, I found much pleasure in your unique expression, so thank you 🙂

  2. claudia says:

    just love the white shirts with coffee stains…lots of vivid imagery here anna..clay working on earth…the becoming…kissing..and much more…enjoyed this..

  3. Hi, Anna. I enjoyed reading, reflecting on, and taking a closer look at your poem. Here’s my mini critique:

    Title – consider adding a question mark?

    S1, L2-3 – consider omitting “stories / of”
    S1, L4 – I really like “graveyards and running shoes” — reminds me of something Ray Bradbury (one of my favorite fiction writers) would combine

    S2, L2 – love that!
    S2, L4 – I got a little thrown off by “under” instead of maybe “over” or another prep.; will ponder further

    S3, L1 – perhaps use a more unpredictable adj. for “cool” (overused?)
    S3, L2 – like “spinning land”
    S3, L3 – how about a better word for “spaces” or just omit “spaces of”?

    S4, L1-2 – I like the phrase “waves of words” — but would they be“floating”? Trying to picture that image. You know, now I think you could cut Stanza 4 altogether, and stick with the land imagery in the previous stanzas; scope, flow, and focus might be stronger overall with less

    S5-S6 – flows really well . . . Edenically, I believe

    S7 – maybe also cut

    Hope some of that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    • Thanks much for your feedback. I like your ideas of tightening up. I agree with changing the prep to “over” from under in stanza 2– I was thinking about something else but realize my idea didn’t come through, and “over” makes more sense as it’s written. About the “waves of words”… you’re right, they’d not be floating, but hidden under the waters. Will think of changing or omitting, to make it more focused. As far as stanza 7, I admit I’m a bit partial to my closing lines, I do like them but I can see how it may appear sentimental or not fit well with the focus of the poem. 🙂 Again, I appreciate your time in critiquing!
      I tried to leave a comment at your site but couldn’t get past your password (kept saying to click back and retype the password, which I attempted, multiple times).

  4. The kisses of mankind on paper, way kool line. I liked this really much. I loved seeing and reading at the same time. Your writing is so freshly baked real, in person, like your’re sitting next of me speaking. Excellente.

  5. brian says:

    oh this is lovely…great expansion on what lifeas as i think that is much to dowith poetry…and it being a kiss on paper the perfect closing touch…

  6. I really love the images you’ve created in this poetic poetry poem! And yes, the closure is incredible. This is a poem to read over and over again.

  7. Heaven says:

    “poetry is
    the kisses of mankind on paper”

    Your last line is wonderful and a nice fitting to writing poetry.

  8. friko says:

    Poetry is so many things to so many people.
    You have captured your own version here and I appreciate what you have done.

  9. Deep! Loved it. Wow! A delightful read.

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