Brown spindly floppy toothpicks piled
on ground is the soft landing
for champions, seeking
mossy earth, gazing
above, at green

by unknown trees,
songs of swelling hope;
wrap arms around the souls
of words, shielding hearts exposed
by memories of past forest strolls.


(The brown spindly floppy toothpicks refer to pine needles which layer the ground in areas populated with pine trees. Sharing with d’Verse Poets, Open Link Night#12. Come join a friendly group of folks, submit a poem, and read great poetry!)

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22 Responses to Haven

  1. brian says:

    nice…tis the time of year…like my pine needles in the forest…did landscaping once and putting them down was nasty bit of business…i do like those songs…i find peace among the trees….

  2. Pat Hatt says:

    Wonderful piece and yeah those needles can be a pain to get rid off, like the structure you made it into as well.

  3. claudia says:

    love the shape of your poem and i’m all into trees…always wanted to live in one when i was a child..and oh they have their songs…smiles

  4. ladynyo says:

    “Songs of swelling hope” This is lovely. This is also excellent poetry!

    Lady Nyo

  5. ayala says:

    I love the trees…love the poem!

  6. Adura Ojo says:

    Lyrical and apt for this time of year.

  7. I love the smell and forests are always comforting and feel like safe havens. Well done.

  8. tashtoo says:

    A taste of the season presented in a wonderful fashion!

  9. Chris G. says:

    One read-through of this makes me want to spring for that sweet, sweet nature – nice work!

  10. Trees, water, just nature all makes for a beautiful poem. Very nice and the layout too!

  11. Lots of talk of memories tonight, and I love it. Cool shape to your poem, and trees are mysterious in their own way, aren’t they? Great piece 🙂

  12. Steve King says:

    The pine woods are special places. I admire the imagination in this poem. Very nice.
    “wrap arms around the souls
    of words, shielding hearts exposed
    by memories of past forest strolls.” …..Super conclusion. Great lines.

  13. Patricia says:

    Oh, you know I could relate to this one! I was right there with you… beautiful shape and flow.

  14. wolfsrosebud says:

    Living in the pines, I’d say you’ve captured the moment. As for the floppy toothpicks, they’re falling like rain for the last week or so. Makes for a nice cushion on the ground to walk through the woods.

  15. christi moon says:


    Such a lovely refection on the serenity and feeling of being one with nature…that can be found deep among the trees.

    Enjoyed this very much, both the form and the tranquility that I felt after reading it.

    Nicely penned. – C.

  16. C Rose says:

    Great use of Nonet, it carries your expression wonderfully in this piece. Absolutely dig the lead in line! ~ Rose

  17. I live amongst bristlecone pine and douglas fir so I particularly enjoyed your ode to trees and the songs they compose to our hearts. Also, the aspens here are bright gold. Your comment on my site got lost in spam but rescued this morning. A lovely Nonet.

  18. I do love trees we have a really large one in our river by our home that we love to go up in the evening and watch the sunset. So wonderful

  19. awesome, trees are important to us.


  20. I’ve walked through many beautiful forests, each one an almost epiphany of absolute calm and beauty. Love the poem, and I love the shape too….. very talented…….

  21. C Rose says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your site always inspires me in poetry and I believe you deserve this recognition. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.


  22. I want Right This Minute to roll in those pine needles who have lived and died a dozen lovesick battles in just one season!!

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