A Destiny

A Destiny

Hidden among woods,
paths run parallel, oblique;
dreams intersect life.

Slipping behind trees
she waits; watches like the moon
hiding behind clouds.

A courageous soul
behind diaphanous eyes
beckons her to walk

away from stinging
nettle; tender promises
unheard hitherto.

To her destiny
she flees, amidst night hunting,
nay-saying goblins.


This piece is inspired by a George McDonald tale, entitled The Princess and Curdie, in which Curdie (a courageous boy) saves the Princess (the King’s daughter) from the unwholesome goblins (who come out at night and want to take over the kingdom)—an old favorite tale shortened into what I think is more a Senryu (didn’t have too many of the kireji’s for one thing) than Haiku based on the discussion, but honestly I’m not too sure. 🙂 Had fun, anyway, coming up with something to share. Thanks, Gay, for the helpful information! 🙂
Submitting for d’Verse FormforAll– Haiku and Senryu
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2 Responses to A Destiny

  1. Mama Zen says:

    “A courageous soul
    behind diaphanous eyes”


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