Song for Mourning Ribs

Song for Mourning Ribs

I’ll borrow your creek
watch where the expanding waves end
beneath our feet, where we stand
with waves of moving grass rippling
in the wind as we walk over years

Our time cut short by
youth’s shyness, tentative blades
scissored through tender stems of
hope grown tall
Stalks overgrown now and crowded
where footprints impressioned in sand

And did you feel you no longer belonged
to the sea, to the land, to the sky–
when your rib walked away

Curl up like a wave on the shore
Beside dreams buried in the sand
Like an oyster protected

At night you burrow underground
where the haunts of past tides
renew reveries mournful and deep

But in daylight open under the sun
dry out a bit and nap

and find hope in the light


Just thinking of some lonely people during the holidays. Sharing with d’Verse and Imperfect Prose.
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27 Responses to Song for Mourning Ribs

  1. claudia says:

    what a beautiful and comforting song… there’s also a beautiful rhythm flowing through it like a stream…soothing and hopeful..

  2. brian miller says:

    dang…when your rib walked away…such loss…all the sandcastles seem to fall in that moment and i might flee the beach more than burrow into it…very nice imagery and metaphor…

  3. You created many solitary places inside your imagery to tuck away, to reflect, to mourn, to rejoice. Beautiful.

  4. Sherri says:

    Hi Anna! I came over to your blog from “imperfect prose” today, and I love your poetry. Yours seems similar to mine, yours a little more advanced, I think. A little pain, a little joy. And, I may be one of the lonely holiday people you’re thinking about. Small world.

    • waysidewordgarden says:

      Hi Sherri, so nice to “meet you”, thanks for reading! I felt an ache when I read you’re one of those “lonely people”. I’m sorry. Just know that you are not alone. 🙂 God bless you.

  5. hedgewitch says:

    Nice imagery, solemn tone and cadence, very redolent of loneliness.

    • waysidewordgarden says:

      I had to look up “redolent”! Thanks so much for your kind comment– and adding to my vocabulary! 🙂

  6. Morning says:

    lovely imaginations played here in your words / poem.

    poem on.

  7. And did you feel you no longer belonged
    to the sea, to the land, to the sky–
    when your rib walked away

    ooh i love this. such beautiful writing. you truly have a gift.

    • waysidewordgarden says:

      oh, Emily, that means so much coming from you, a beautiful writer and artist I (and so many others) admire and enjoy! Very sweet, thank you, dear friend.

  8. Mama Zen says:

    Beautifully crafted!

  9. ladynyo says:

    This is so beautiful! The quiet, deep melancholy of this poem goes deep into the soul.

    There is something so ‘complete’ about this poem. Wish I had written it. Wish I could.

    Lady Nyo

    • waysidewordgarden says:

      Oh, Lady Nyo… you are more than generous with your comment. Your writing is so lovely, I’ve been captivated by the story you’ve been telling. Thanks for stopping by here! 🙂

  10. For me, one of the things that makes this poem so effective is your use of active verbs. Others have already commented on the wonderful wholeness of it.

    • waysidewordgarden says:

      I greatly appreciate your comment, Victoria, it is very helpful and constructive– many thanks! I love the input.

  11. Like the idea that one could soak in the sand like a clam. There’s a bit of sadness that I heard, though I could be wrong. Is the rib an allusion to Eve?

  12. I pray the lonely find hope in the light…and not be afraid to reach out beyond themselves…

  13. ayala says:

    A strong write, just lovely!

  14. This is so lovely and vulnerable and sad. Saying a prayer for the lonely people with you today.

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