In Which Curdie Wins

Hidden among woods,
paths parallel; now, oblique;
dreams intersect life.

Slipping behind trees
she waits; watches like the moon
hiding behind clouds.

A courageous soul
behind diaphanous eyes,
beckons her to walk

away from stinging
nettle; tender promises
unheard hitherto.

To her destiny
she flees, amidst night hunting
nay-saying goblins.


This poem is inspired by an old favorite George McDonald tale entitled The Princess and Curdie, in which Curdie (a courageous boy) saves the Princess (the King’s daughter) from the unwholesome goblins (who come out at night and want to take over the kingdom). This poem is written in a 5-7-5 syllable rhyme scheme (a sort of modern take on the haiku form, perhaps?) Sharing with d’Verse.


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4 Responses to In Which Curdie Wins

  1. brian says:

    huh have not heard the tale but now i would like to read it…will see if i can find it online….nice form….

  2. ayala says:

    Nicely penned! I enjoyed it !

  3. claudia says:

    nice…good for her that he was brave enough to save her…always up for all kind of hero stories…enjoyed this

  4. I really like how you have worked with the verse structure. Gives the poem a unique feel and it reads very well. I enjoyed the imagery as well.

    Nice work here.

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