Drops of Red

When the ruby sun drops dots,
beads of hope on sweaty brows,

their eyes re-kohled and red–
these crimson calyxes
brim with hope of future bloom

and raise dark eyes to an azure sky
seeking expectantly for more drops of red
each and every dusty blue morning


Black, smoky air chokes me, I cover
my nose and face
“Roll up the window,” I plead

Beyond the glass
the tiger stretches
yawns, sleeps

our bus is safe from treachery


When does a flowery vine stop,
know its boundary
until renamed a weed?

A reverberation deep,
strumming from soul
shakes the ground under my feet

Barefoot and brown
they move among rushing streets,
work or hide or hold out hands

From behind my window I see
you baffled by glass
at tigers with shoes

a more dangerous animal, we

Unzip our skins
liquid vermillion runs–
the world’s own waters

pour, mixing with rivers of hope
beside a pulsing red tree–
a scarlet thread ties you and me

when crystal mountains crumble 
and vermillion mixes with the sea
red and blue are royalty


Just returned from a three week trip to India. Thinking about all of it, a bus safari where I saw tigers, and the caste system, and a country of a billion people and putting it all together in a poem. Sharing with dVerse and with Tweetspeak Poetry (with words chosen from their Word Bowl 2011). 
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21 Responses to Drops of Red

  1. poemblaze says:

    I love “beads of hope on sweaty brows.”

  2. wow.. I trip to India! that’s awesome… great piece… the imagery is dramatic & eye-catching. lovely words!

  3. claudia says:

    whew…thanks for taking us with you on a safari of a different kind…love how this flows together.. a well woven blend…
    Unzip our skins
    liquid vermillion runs– love it

  4. Really enjoyed reading this.

    Very vivid and strong imagery. Liked the use of colour as well. Feels like I am there.

    Great work.

  5. ladynyo says:


    Lady Nyo

  6. ayala says:

    I love…beads of hope on sweaty brows….nice 🙂

  7. Shawna says:

    I love these lines:
    “ruby sun drops dots”
    “Beyond the glass the tiger stretches yawns, sleeps”
    “baffled by glass at tigers with shoes”
    “Unzip our skins liquid vermillion runs”

  8. brian miller says:

    wow that sounds like some trip…quite the signs too…the majesty of the tiger…the heartbreak of the caste system…nice visuals though presented by you in the verse…

  9. Sheila says:

    Fabulous images. A safari of colors and sight. I could feel your experience in this.

  10. Teresa says:

    So jealous of your trip. Must have been amazing. I love the emphasis of colors throughout the poem.

  11. bajanpoet says:

    Unzipping our skins … that was my favourite image. Love it!

  12. Anne Katherine says:

    There’s so much to like here. The imagery is great, as others have said. I love the opening lines!

  13. Fantastic imagery…a mind trip…love it!

  14. nunee1 says:

    This was a journey of words! Absolutely amazing imagery 🙂

  15. Mama Zen says:

    Some lovely imagery!

  16. Stunningly vivid, such a wonderful poem!

  17. Margaret says:

    Thank you for this potpourri of imagery!

  18. L.L. Barkat says:

    these are just so evocative; you found so much in one little blue bowl 🙂

  19. C Rose says:

    very imaginative use of words in color to evoke the thoughts of this. Lovely write ~ Rose

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