After wandering long thread
of lonely moons, I glide
down silver strings, land

in valley below where willows
brush my face. I gaze into
crystal water, still and clear

and sky smiles back at me. The
universe swirls and moves in milky
hues, white, blue, purple; argent,

lustrous, resplendent. The kiss
is soft, sweet. Cascading vines
entangle, burgeoning florets

burst. Fragrant crimson rain
falls from heaven, soaks me:
love, nectar of life. Ordinary

becomes divine, waters sing,
trees clap, veil rips. Then wind
laughs and flees– but I catch

scent of lavender, honeysuckle
and rose– and I’m always following
its aromatic sanguine trail.


*Amrita- nectar, ambrosia, drink, honey, wine (source:

From Wikipedia: It is a Sanskrit word that literally means “immortality”. It appears in the Rig Veda (ancient Indian text) as a drink that confers immortality. In Greek mythology it carries a similar meaning to “ambrosia”.

From Wayside Word Garden:  I refer to it as “living water”. 

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12 Responses to Amrita

  1. claudia says:

    scents, nature and taste can be quite a sensual experience.. love how this cascades in your verse..

  2. brian miller says:

    nice…love those smells there in the end…enticing and def make one want to follow as well…smiles….sweet nectar….

  3. poemblaze says:

    Lovely write. The aroma, colors and texture are wonderfully described.

  4. It was more than my eyes that captured this poem, you invited all of my senses to enjoy your words.


    Mark Butkus

  5. Ordinary
    becomes divine, waters sing,
    trees clap, veil rips.

    This is a feast for the senses–Beautiful write!

  6. Quirina says:

    Absolutely sensuous and beautiful.

  7. Pat Hatt says:

    Really tickled the senses inside and out, wonderfully done!

  8. ladynyo says:

    Oh! This cascading down to the earth, it grabbed me….such a physical, sensual poem!

    Beautiful, beautiful, with the essence of mysticism, but how much the beauty of your words shines!

    One of the best poems I have read this week!

    Thank you!

    Lady Nyo

  9. ayala says:

    Lovely! Love the scents and images 🙂

  10. Eve Redwater says:

    Wonderful imagery – I can almost taste those gorgeous scents!

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!

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