The Give-away

The Give-away

Across a sidewalk bordered
by green, under the shadows
of a waxy magnolia dotted
with white, he sees her,
sunshine blooming in dark

Walks slowly, shoes tap
cement gently, coming closer,
her eyes shift to violet, his turn
to lightning, burning holes in her
like a magnifying glass
turned on a leaf

A smile spreads across his face,
shifting stubble a centimeter up
and with laser sharp accuracy
ignites the dream she dared

Oblivious to surroundings,
other sounds muffled, subdued,
except for thumping in her chest
which she’s sure is a dead giveaway–

Until he says her name– and then they know
it isn’t the thumping heart that speaks,
nor bashful eyes, or shy smiles
and mannerisms of first love….

but the heat rising in her cheeks
in a shade of blush


I have the color “red” in a number of poems, but offer this new piece  for TS Poetry’s February theme of “red”… and if you could see me, you might see a little blush as I step out over my fear and my usual safe places of green and blue, into sharing something a bit more daring, like the color red itself… or as L.L. Barkat called it, sharing a little “sexy pie“…:)
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4 Responses to The Give-away

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  2. Came over from Tweetspeak Poetry. Like another poet in this group, I like how the theme of “red” inspired you to use other colors in the poem, like “blush” and “violet.”

  3. Loved this part: “her eyes shift to violet”!

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