Midnight Prayer

Midnight Prayer

It is not simply for
evening breeze, dark

pond, lustrous inky sky,
hum of crickets, cool

grass, and evensong of
creatures, that she

emerges. It is the lure
of soul awakening,

nudging, prodding,
drawing her into depths

visible only at night. She
roams moon-soaked fields,

slips in the swirling river,
as if caught in a ghost

story of a tragic lost
love. In the morning

she finds herself
where she started–

on bloody knees, halfway
between the dusk and dawn.


Sharing with the poetic community at d’Verse for Open Link Night Week #45… won’t you join us?

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10 Responses to Midnight Prayer

  1. brian miller says:

    i am glad at least she has the night to feel alive you know…the bloodied knees in the end is hard, but that means they are well used does it not? perhaps that lost love will be found…smiles…

  2. kelly says:

    ooh… this is haunting, sad, and yet, underneath, I could feel the sun, rising.

  3. Hautningly beautiful write! Lovely form!

  4. Plaintive and melodic piece. Has overtones of the deep South, a dark rivery feel – bloody knees? A symbol of the long crawl to the light, I wonder. Well written.

  5. ayala says:

    Sad and lovely!

  6. joanbarrettroberts says:

    Reminds me of one of my favorite shows ~ True Blood! Haunting words ~

  7. claudia says:

    roaming moon-soaked fields and finding oneself on bloody knees…painful but also a bit of underlying hope..right..

  8. Oh, I really like this one! I think it’s strength grew with every line, and I especially love those last four lines. Wonderful images throughout 🙂

  9. Laurie Kolp says:

    Lovely. I especially like:

    roams moon-soaked fields,

    slips in the swirling river,
    as if caught in a ghost

    story of a tragic lost

  10. Elliot says:

    This called to mind The White Goddess of the Robert Graves book.

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