I stop-
my songs hop across the sidewalk-
not minding cracks.
Looking back at your punctuated
stance, I question your audacity
to crescendo, to command
a repeat, re-phrase, your disregard
for standard common time, and I am
no longer under ar-rest.
You choose the ritardando-
and I see arpeggios
dancing around me in the sky.
I dismiss the refrain; dismantle staff,
scale the re-mains, flee from dissonance.
I pause- and pedal
my way home.


Sharing with the community at d’Verse Poets for Open Link Night Week #46  … won’t you join us?
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5 Responses to Arpeggio

  1. brian miller says:

    haha some really fun word play in this…love all the music references…and i would race away from dissonance as well…lol….fun piece…nice titling as well…

  2. Leo says:

    It reminded me of this accordion playing artist on the sidewalk who used to stop at the corner and then play a tune, a melancholic jingle.. the words and the notes would seem to blend with the corner tiles.. not many paid him attention though.. it was just his music and him..

  3. ayala says:

    Fun and just lovely!

  4. Semaphore / Samuel Peralta says:

    Quite an interesting interplay of musical highlights in this verse.

  5. Quirina says:

    Lovely poem, quite playful. 🙂

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