Found Poem: Sewn on a Thread

Found Poem: Sewn on a Thread

A scarlet thread
Burns long, thin
Where I stand
Intersecting Sunday
And the corner
Around my heart–
Hungry for red.

I pull string taut
Tie knot
so needle won’t slip
I have tied you
Over and over again
yet the seam rips
under your sigh.

If the button didn’t fall
Slip out of the pocket
Get lost on a Sunday
I’d still be searching.

A few crimson threads
Fall to the floor
And  taste the hunger
Of belonging.

Can I say what is mine
And what is yours?
Can you tell me where
The scarlet thread ends?

I know the thread,
The very one
It pulls me to your neck
and unfolds like silk.

I’m a secret
sewn on a thread
Beauty wrought
In a hidden place…
Find me on Sunday
and tell me stories
of Red.

Though scarlet burns
I have no favorites
I wear all colors
on my skin.

He is scarlet
A coat of crimson
Covering me
Covering you
Tying us together
As one
No longer hanging
No longer alone.

The above vignette is a  “found poem” , based on a poem written by L.L. Barkat, titled “Coated”, which can be read here. A found poem takes a word, phrase, and makes up a “found poem” based on the original. This found poem was written as part of the “May Play” challenge offered at, based on an “Every Day Poem”.
I’m sharing the above piece with d’Verse, Open Link Night Week 48, and also with the folks over at Tweetspeak Poetry. 🙂
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10 Responses to Found Poem: Sewn on a Thread

  1. gardenlilie says:

    Okay …few words and what is a vignette, a short villanelle?

    • wayside word garden says:

      By “vignette” I just mean that I put a short few pieces put together– it really isn’t a form poem, like a villanelle. 🙂 My own vocabulary, I guess– and maybe it wasn’t the right choice of word! Thanks for visiting and commenting gardenlilie!

  2. janehewey says:

    this comes together so nicely, so vividly. beautiful and well crafted! thank you~jane

  3. brian miller says:

    a coat of crimson…covering you, covering me….tell me stories on sunday in red….nice….love it…tie that note so nothing is lost…smiles.

  4. kolembo says:

    Liked this very much! The string, the coat, the..lover?
    Munching donuts on the lawn, grinning widely!

  5. I like the whole idea of a found poem and this one is so good–how you’ve woven color throughout–a color that evokes a bit of passion and, perhaps, infidelity. It makes me want to know the backstory.

    • wayside word garden says:

      Thanks for your kind comments,Victora, but… no. 🙂 However, I find the feedback so helpful and interesting; it helps me to learn how differently we all “see” and interepret, and how this particular poem comes across. Thank you!

  6. Chazinator says:

    This really winds a story of music and mesmerizing appeal. Charming in its imagery and evocation of darker meanings.

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!

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