Five hundred hands wave, and
winter clouds part.  We fling

thoughts, left and right; they hit
the windshield. We witness hundreds

of meaningless  deaths, and we wonder
at the power of a simple shift of a wing—

we realize we can’t avoid the tip of a beak,
and we can’t account for the flock.


This poem is being shared with d’Verse Open Link Night #52— one year–woot!– and with Tweetspeak Poetry as part of the July Mosaics theme. I am using words from this poem by Todd Davis, titled “Democracy”.

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9 Responses to Realization

  1. aprille says:

    Is this a bird strike on a plane or the mysterious bird deaths from last year?
    Nice presentation of unexpected chaos and uncontrollable natural violence.

    • wayside word garden says:

      Actually, neither! 🙂 It is a “found poem” based on words from the poem I link to above, titled “Democracy”. Read the original; I took words from his wonderful poem and crafted a new one using some of the words in the original. Hope that makes more sense. Thanks for commenting; beautiful day to you.

  2. brian miller says:

    i was thinking ont he same lines as aprille…and how we can not account for senseless death as sometimes it is nature…and the order of the universe…

  3. Flung thoughts hit and miss by chance! Love the tense alignment of bird activity with our bumbling motoring!

  4. ayala says:

    I thought the same as Aprille and Brian…I reread it-cool poem!

  5. ManicDdaily says:

    Very cool poem – the randomness of all that suffering hard to accept or understand. k.

  6. I’ve read and re-read this and keep coming back to the last three lines:

    “the power of a simple shift of a wing—
    we realize we can’t avoid the tip of a beak,
    and we can’t account for the flock”

    So much depth in those lines. Well done!

  7. No, we can’t control the actions of the masses, only ourselves. Great capture!

  8. kolembo says:

    Ooowee. Glorious. Clean lean form, precise focus, delightful!

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