Meander with me
beyond the due of
cancelled debt
Flesh is but solid dying matter
where Tulips grow strong in spring

In clouds we’ll see our souls
we won’t leave holes in water
Tracks on earth disappear

But for black and white
two-dimensional letters
when uttered become substance
Reality is that painted dream
accented with shadows


Sharing for d’Verse Open Link Night #90
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4 Responses to Accented

  1. intersting play between the flesh and the soul….the holes in the water and the letters left in our writing…reality, i wonder who is doing the painting…smiles.

  2. RL King says:

    As Brian said, the line that paused me most was the holes in the water line, though the entire thing was metaphor rich and well balanced between emotional beauty and cerebral pathways. Loved it.

  3. Sara V says:

    Really enjoyed this-“‘beyond the due of cancelled debt” and the whole second stanza was brilliant! 🙂

  4. This is wonderful! I really enjoyed the second stanza =)

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!

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