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The Past

These dreams are like bubbles Floating on the whims of the winds of the day Some land in my hair and get tangled there. I wash them out, try to wash them out, but they come back like a chronic … Continue reading

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Meander with me beyond the due of cancelled debt Flesh is but solid dying matter where Tulips grow strong in spring In clouds we’ll see our souls we won’t leave holes in water Tracks on earth disappear But for black … Continue reading

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Flammable Approaching flames warm the hands and wake the mind Sparks sear the heart, ignite fiber of truth and a thread of hunger burns dust catches fire blazes across centuries– the line is traced on hearts of men, maps are … Continue reading

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the crossing

the crossing . bird by bird they approach but only the white dove destined for the throne . (words in italics are book titles). Book spine poetry. 🙂 *** Sharing with d’Verse… Open Link Night Week #65

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Thirsty River

Will I find you in the midst of the river, where it has been dry and thirsty for ages? The waters are muddy and still; you have not moved for centuries. You are alone and the river is moving uphill. … Continue reading

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Metallic Stars

Metallic Stars It’s the fourth of July when they toss red, white, and blue beads my way. They slip from my hands, but are caught by a five year old wonder next to me. She places the necklace around her … Continue reading

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Realization Five hundred hands wave, and winter clouds part.  We fling thoughts, left and right; they hit the windshield. We witness hundreds of meaningless  deaths, and we wonder at the power of a simple shift of a wing— we realize … Continue reading

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