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wild garden


wild garden
where should I keep you
where words
run freely, barefoot, untethered
burgeoning vines and sprouting greens
surrounded by every wild and beautiful thing

but missing
blooms, blossoms
the fullness
and ripe beauty
of color and scent

then – you came near
and read the heartbeat
of this lonely patch of soil

then –
roses, lilies, irises bloomed

and I keep them
lined on the path
these words
these wilds
in the woods
on the way

I pick them
gather them

you pick them
gather them

tender efflorescence

hidden on the way

my solitary
wild garden of words


december 2017


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Why did I have to see

a beautiful


behind a screen


out of reach



to see

and then hear

the beauty



december 2017

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Location, location, location


I want to change seats

move toward the innermost

to be
closer to you




december 2017

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It’s evident

It’s the wind

Where do I think I’ll end


Lost somewhere

Always searching, never finding

Always too late, wrong timing


No one knows where the wind comes from

or where it goes

Hope in more than wind


I’m just here for signs of you

for tracks of your footprints

and grasses bent on the trail


Signs the wind has blown

this direction and

your songs whispering in the trees



november 2017




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Degrees of Separation



A stranger

In some ways


And the friends

I wish we could be



whose words reach out across the chasm

whose eyes spark fires in my heart

who is a star in the sky

light-years away


But it doesn’t matter—

What I say—


Because there is no astronaut

That can solve the distance formulas

There is no rocket ship

That can travel a trajectory to reach

The distant destination of a heart

That doesn’t belong to me


He is in the center of a different concentric circle

A different galaxy


I’m glad he exists

Though unreachable to me


Light-years reduce to minuscule, microscopic minutiae

In terms of degrees of separation

and exponential pain





november 2017





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These threads


Tangled in nonsense

I want to cut some strings
And others, I wish to make even stronger



november 2017

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a visceral pain

an ache

no one knows

so many things

so many things




november 2017




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