I am thankful

you exist


beautiful you

though you are not here with me


a lovely thought

that comes with an accompanying ache



november 2017





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giving gifts



close your eyes

let darkness fall upon blue seas


hold out empty hands

receive gifts I would give you


if I could give you

all that you love


my brown eyes turn blue

reflection of you


and you, fleeting soul

do not know my hands are full


of love and affection ready to pour

drench your heart and hands


open your eyes

will imaginings meld and merge


with the sun and wind

falling on one’s face


will impossibilities

always be



november 2017

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Tell Me



Tell me

what makes you sad

what brings you pain

in this walk

on this journey

on these steps strewn with sadness and joy



november 2017



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the presence of absence


the absence of one

I wish could be with me


until the candles burn down


instead, I stare silently

at flickering flames

all night long


watch them die

or snuff them out


the word comes back to me

spelled in the smoke




I wish

for the presence of you

beautiful you



november 2017





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the presence of absence

a hollow carved by wind
with your absence and
long-desired presence

tears cried are not forgotten
in this mystifying dark night
of the soul

they are remembered
even in the chaos of
confusion and waiting

the places we find ourselves
in the dark night while wandering

the people we come across
and the people we run away from

I run from dark nights of the soul
seek hope in the midst of chaos
in this presence of absence

I find your radiant eyes
a spark of light
in swirling darkness

your presence
a desired hope
in the abyss of spinning atomic wonder

a chilly place, this presence of absence
absence of love and light
absence of water and sun

and you

as if all dreams are withdrawn
and taken away
into a forsaken land

an alien place
this world is

we are aliens
and it is alien to us
an alien place without you near

and longing
to fill this presence of absence
with you



may 2017

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Wrong table 

I’m sitting 

At the wrong table 

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There are some beautiful souls

I wish to know


There is a beautiful soul

I wish to know


I imagine how sweet

Conversation would be


If we could talk

Like old friends


About anything

And everything


Or just sit with that soul

And say nothing at all


But there is much more

Separating this dream


And then there are others—

I put my hands over my ears


Drown out the noise

And wish to escape



november 2017




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